Washington-Arlington-Alexandria DC-VA | HIV Prevalence

This data is from the CDC's NCHHSTP 2012 Atlas : http://www.cdc.gov/NCHHSTP/Atlas/

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CityTotal PopulationNumber of People with HIV% of Population with HIV
Washington-Arlington-Alexandria DC-VA3114449132590.43%

Map of HIV Prevalence by County

HIV Rate


CountyTotal PopulationNumber of People with HIV% of Population with HIV
Alexandria City, VA12168913031.07%
Prince George's County, MD71861559650.83%
Fairfax City, VA193421500.78%
Arlington County, VA18376013820.75%
Falls Church City, VA10340530.51%
Manassas City, VA303151470.48%
Fredericksburg City, VA20755730.35%
Charles County, MD1204013530.29%
Fairfax County, VA89634523290.26%
Prince William County, VA3203707370.23%
Jefferson County, WV44410670.15%
Manassas Park City, VA11351150.13%
Clarke County, VA11914150.13%
Calvert County, MD73305910.12%
Loudoun County, VA2429682780.11%
Stafford County, VA1041921160.11%
Spotsylvania County, VA992541070.11%
Warren County, VA31148330.11%
Fauquier County, VA53975450.08%

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